It’s been two years since I was set free from the spell of New Age Spirituality and saved by God. It’s been 2 insane years, and I want to save you from some of the extreme hardship, tests, and challenges I’ve been through. I almost didn’t survive. Most women I know who left the New Age didn’t make it. If you’re unprepared, leaving the hijacked spiritual world is as complex and dangerous as leaving a cult. Very few escape without being tempted back in or into other Matrices in disguise.


FULL GUIDE – Check the guide below the video. 

This podcast marks the anniversary of pulling my children and myself out of the darkness. I’ll do my best to help you prepare and pull yourself and your children out of the most deceptive Matrices within the dark, demonic undercurrent. Most of the deceivers in the Functional Medicine Community, In the healing community, Fitness and diet industry, Autism communities, etc., do NOT know who they are representing, and they’re unknowingly misleading you.

False healers in disguise
Imagine thinking that you’re paying for spiritual healing tools, cards, and an alternative (or holistic) healer to help your child – and (unknowingly)  you’re allowing dark spirits to access your child and manipulate and destroy your family (or your body) in exchange for initial healing. 

You’re unaware that the night terror, lack of recovery results, anxiety, depression, or practical/emotional/financial problems you’re all struggling with are signs of dark, spiritual activity in your home. 


Had it been any other therapist or expert messing with your child’s health and your sanity, you’d sue them. But because most of these “healers” are unaware, used by malevolent, dark forces whilst thinking that they’re doing you well, AND because this is a spiritual battle for your soul in the unseen realms….you can’t get your money back (or revenge).

Pulling out
But. You can get your child and your life back. You can purify yourself from impure spirits and avoid long-term consequences. There’s a catch though (and most people aren’t willing to do what it takes. This blog (and youtube video is dedicated to those who are. 

The big exodus
There’s a reason why there has been a TSUNAMI of people leaving the New Age since 2017 (especially 2019-2021). Spiritual healers, card readers, homeopaths, chakra healers, Goddess coaches, shamans, crystal healers, channels, witches, and mediums are leaving businesses, friends and followers behind and turning to God & the only spiritual guidance that’s genuinely pure (more on that later).

What’s going on?
While some (who are still stuck in the deception) are triggered, horrified, and truly think that thousands of ex-New Agers suddenly have gone crazy, others feel:

A: Curious and tempted (but scared) to leave. 

B: Relieved but confused about where to begin and full of unanswered questions. 

This blog post is for all of you. 

If you are reading this, chances are that you are one of the Warriors  (or being prepared to be one). The sad part about this story is that those who stay in New Age spirituality thinking that they are ascending/doing good will actually be sucked deeper and deeper into the same darkness as the shadow that secret societies and The Elite are creating. Right now, there’s an incredible mobilization of The Holy Spirit and God’s army on Earth.

New Age – demonic? Why?

If you haven’t already…please check out my Fallen World Map and my checklist PDFs and podcast HERE and my original personal testimonial HERE. Even though A LOT has changed since then, these are still foundational for the understanding of the satanic origin of The New Age and the reason why so many are fleeing.

Homeopathy dark witchcraft, how?

Dangers of Homeopathy
Alchemy, freemasonry, and homeopathy

If frequency works ( and I believe it does)…and…if frequency lives on and vibrates from its starting point…Can we ignore the frequency at which it was transmitted? 

Satanists and Freemasons are much more knowledgeable than most Christians when it comes to using supernatural tools and frequency to transmit their messages and to get access to people remotely.

Witchcraft works.

VOODOO works.

Ayahuasca works.

In satanic rituals, they use these frequencies and tools to heal themselves and others after blood rituals and abuse.

God’s supernatural healing works too. It’s too different bosses. Two different directions. One cannot exist in the presence of the other.

The question is – what are we tapping into and allowing/inviting into our body when we enter into a covenant with the dark family/origin?

The dark-rooted entities always need us to agree, commit and invite them in. Homeopathy is a portaL

The other question is: Are we willing to “pay” in the spiritual realm for healing? Because Satan charges big bucks. And God punishes him for dealing with satan.

Sometimes the price is:

? Lost results and new diseases.

? Sometimes it’s physical problems or addiction.

? Sometimes it’s more and more fixated on the ways of this world. 

? Sometimes the price is financial or family problems.

? I get so much hate from the healthy mom community when I talk about homeopathy.

? But the Holy Spirit convicted me BIG TIME on that one…


Good souls deceived? Why?

Let me just say that I was deceived. For 20 years. I have made so many bad, life-threatening and dangerous mistakes because of what I believed to be true when I was in New Age spirituality. I am a well-educated journalist/researcher and I spent 3 years at University as well.


You can’t see the full picture when you’re inside the frame. You won’t realize how dark, evil and manipulative New Age and The Dark side (demonic) are until you leave. When you leave, the dark spirits will get very angry. That’s when the journey and the attacks begin. You need to be prepared for that. You need to be protected. You need a strategy. You need a roadmap. This blog post is an attempt to give you just that. The Bible I use, the research, apps, prayers, testimonials, sermons, songs, and people that helped me find my way through the jungle back to God through Jesus. 


New Age To God. 5 steps.


Follow nobody online in the beginning.

Don’t just trust any church, preacher, deliverance minister, or even ex-new agers. You need time to mature in faith. Some call it the “baby stage”.  A baby needs milk, rest, and time to grow. You don’t feed a baby steak or put it in charge of a Ferrari. This is no time to help other New Agers, expose the darkness, or get distracted by Telegram channels run by equally inexperienced ex-New-Agers, Instagram profiles, and endless youtube videos.


The first months are the most critical. You are vulnerable and at risk of falling into new traps, bad company, and deception (just like an addict quitting the habit). As an ex-New Ager, you will be drawn to “experiences”, charismatic preachers, deliverance ministers, ex-New age influencers, etc. Don’t do it. You probably don’t yet have the discernment (via Holy Spirit) to be able to tell false from real, dark from light, evil from good (yet). As long as you still have New Age items, words, symbols, or people you follow online, you will DEFINITELY not be able to.

We have to choose a side. We can’t hold on to ANY occult tentacles and still walk in integrity with God. This is SO difficult to understand at the beginning (and triggering) because you still haven’t realized how ancient, dark, and demonic every single aspect of even the most innocent-looking New Age tools and practices are. And because the dark side doesn’t want you to know. Also. Stay silent. It will be tempting to declare and share your new realizations, but it’s actually too soon. It takes time to mature in faith. You need time to read the bible, grow strong roots, and daily practice for months before sharing with the World. If you share too soon – you’ll be leaking instead of filling yourself up. 

Impatience = is the biggest danger for ex-New Agers.
This is THE NUMBER ONE THING I hear from every sister/brother who’s left the “cult”. We all wish that we have taken several months or more to simply sit in nature, pray & read the bible (see more about “clean” bibles) and get an intimate relationship with God. So many precious souls who leave the deceptive New Age spiritual community to find God are (temporarily or permanently) snatched up and caught up in traps, snares, and false light/false preaching, hijacked churches. Don’t let it happen to you. 

It happened to me as well. This is a HUGE missing link in the ex-New Age community and in most churches as well. This guide about the Matrix map/checklist is going to help you. Please do not skip this step.



The Bible is organic, alive, and purifying. Forget manifestation, synchronicity, and “readings” (demonic)  or “downloads. When you are truly walking with God, he will communicate with you through the bible. I have received CLEAR instructions to leave my unGodly relationship, move out of the demonically oppressed house I was living in, Burn my books and spiritual tools and start praying, reading certain books, etc. When you walk with God and are truly saved you can SENSE what’s dark and deceptive and you’ll feel physically repulsed by it. As an example, I had to stop following, watching, and erase podcast episodes from spiritual guides, healers, and shamans. Especially those who’d let me to my Twinflame relationship in England. 

Start with the New Testament. The old testament does not make sense for beginners. 
Do you want to truly overcome trauma & feel loved and accepted without taking psychedelics and opening dark portals that always let evil spirits in? 

Do you want to feel spiritual guidance that’s more precise and Divine than any channel, medium, or meditation can EVER give you? It’s available to you.  If you want deep healing, miracles, a purpose, and a deep, lasting sensation of LOVE, PEACE, AND JOY – that’s precisely what you will get if you dedicate time to a daily session with God through prayer and reading the Bible. 


The only supernatural book and how to access miracles.
Did you know that the bible has a completely purifying effect on people who have received the Holy Spirit but makes no sense to people who haven’t? That’s how you know if you are truly being saved and guided by the only pure spiritual guidance (Holy Spirit) or are still affected by dirty/negative spirits.

The true miracle is not in “the book of Miracles”
When you are in Holy Spirit (and that’s not possible when you are still in the New Age), the bible becomes alive and it starts to speak to you and direct you in life. Every time you read the bible, you are purified (more and more). 

How do you receive Holy Spirit? 
The only way to God and the only way to receive Holy Spirit is by accepting Jesus, asking for forgiveness for your wicked ways, and beginning to read the bible every day and PRAY. 

The book is “organic”. It breathes truth into you because it’s so holy. Most people long for a church and community. But most churches are hijacked too (in vanity, self-adoration, greed, false teachings, and power-hunger), they still celebrate Pagan holidays and rituals, and host “Pizza-nights or “bake nights” while waiting for people to come to them.

As my friend put it: “That’s not what the apostles did. They left and dropped everything to walk with Jesus. We need to become light-houses of faith and hope to assist those who are lost at sea” Use discernment while choosing a church (see resources and links below too).


This changed my life. 
I am blown away by the way that the bible has changed my life and given me peace. My journey started on Christmas eve after my awakening at the beginning of December.  I started praying and reading the bible every morning while grounding outside in nature.  My first bible (King James Version) was too complicated. My new bible is amazing. Start with the My best advice is to start in The New Testament. Sit with the bible for 15  minutes every day. Bring a notebook and take notes when verses speak to you and you have realizations. 

The Bible is alive. It’s God’s instructions for us but God also speaks to you through the bible. You can ask questions and the answer will come to you as you read the bible. The Bible is an instruction book for how to live your life (The New Testament).


Favourite “pure” books and the Bible (and apps)


My favourite Prayer Journal: 

Prayer Journal for Women: 52-Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer Journal
King James Version Online (my first bible)

My Favorite Bible Now: 

My favourite Bible Apps:

Sign up for prayer calls with you
The app is a bit clunky, but I love that you can find verses and simply choose “audio” and then let the holy scripture wash over you. When I have experienced spiritual attacks or have been exhausted or sad, I have put on the audio version of “Psalms”. Even at night as I was sleeping. Trust me, it’s better to have the phone turned on to listen to Psalms during attacks than sleeping with demons.
App Store HERE
Microsoft Store HERE


Prayers and hymns:

Playlist, Spotify


My favorite hymns:





Spiritual warfare is REAL. Attacking your home, family & body. When you speak up & expose – you’ll be attacked. 
Trust me, I did all the things. I made all the mistakes. I was NOT prepared for the spiritual attacks when I renounced New Age/ascension communities and exposed Lorie Ladd, Phil Good, The Galactic Federation, Energy Synthesis, 5D illusions, Kundalini, the tantra and Goddess community, Joe Dispenza, spiritual influencers, truthers, and ascension guides.  I was NOT ready to deal with the attacks from dark entities that are feeding these high-level influencers. They were coming for me. My health, my sanity, my sleep, my family, my close relationships – EVERYTHING was under attack. I wish I had given myself a full year of devotion to the bible, soaking in his love before exposing the darkness. 

 First, when we focus on spiritual attacks and demonic activity too much, we glorify Satan’s work. He loves the attention. The most important weapon against the darkness is to spend more time glorifying God, praying, and reading the Bible.

What are spiritual attacks? Different from person to person:
Addictions, Nightmares, dystopian dreams, and dreams where you are in negative, destructive environments, struggling, battling and suffering, dying, or watching people suffer in your dreams. When you wake up, it feels like you have not even rested – because the dreams are so exhausting and dark. That’s because your soul has been under attack and “taken” while you sleep. You might even feel raped, anxious, and “beside yourself.

But attacks can also be illness, relationship conflicts, mental health issues, financial problems, and very negative thoughts. The spiritual attacks are designed to destroy you and your family and take your eyes and mind off God.

God, the Holy Scripture, and the name of Jesus protect you against attacks. But it might not be enough if you have a lot of dark spirits attached to you (see more about deliverance below. Here are the prayers, sermons, and music that helped us. 


Prayers for protection against spiritual attacks:


Put on The Armour Of God:



It’s really important to rebuke, cut contracts, and end covenants/close portals, and stop inviting the dark spirits into your body & life. Dark spirits/demons need an invitation in order to get into your life. The problem is that most of us don’t even know that our practices in the New Age actually open portals and invite dark spirits to come into our lives. 

Complete list of cursed and dark symbols to avoid (including piercings)

I burned:



? Occult, shamanic, and Ayahuasca jewelry

? Occult tools

? Oracle, Tarot, and Angel cards.

? Figurines, pictures of “ascended masters” (all demonic spirits in disguise.)

? All my drums, tools, and books from my shamanic training. 

? Vision boards and manifestation declarations. 

? Sage and palo santo.

? Crystals and JADE EGGS. 

? Clothes with occult or freemason symbols. Including my Dunlop rubber boots (because the founder was a high-level freemason).

? The clothes I had worn in ceremonies. 

? Hinduistic figurines and pictures of gods/goddesses and ascended “masters.”  symbols from my altars.

? My ankh and other Egyptian symbols from my Ayahuscha trip to Rhytmia Costa Rica. 

? All spiritual books about shamanism, manifestation, and quantum physics. spirituality, healing (including all Joe Dispenza’s books), numerology, astrology, reiki, tai chi/Qi Gong, Yoga, etc.

Renounce, Rebuke, step away:


I stopped following and listening to:
All spiritual influencers, shamans, mystics, muses, people who did “readings”, “clairvoyance”, Quantum healers,  chakra and energy healers, regression, ascension, 5D, entity contacts, Buddhism, Tantra, feminine Goddess movement, etc. Including Gregg Braden, Phil God, Lorie Ladd, Gaia, Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, Dolores Cannon, Deepak Chopra, meditation teachers, shamans (white and any other colour) Manifestation teachers, etc. It’s really important to renounce and unfollow all of these dark, occult practices because you are in bondage for as long as you are affiliated with them, subscribe to them, follow them or keep them. 

Again if you want to know WHY all of these are demonic/dark/infiltrated or hijacked by the darkness, check out my podcast about The Dark Matrix and Fallen World Map HERE.

Here are a couple of videos about the origin of these practices and the satanic foundation of all of them.


After New Age and after being deceived and manipulated via channels, mediums, oracles, shamans, and ceremonies – I was SKEPTICAL. I was very arrogant and skeptical about demonic oppression and deliverance. I’d also seen so many theatrical and clearly false deliverance pastors ( see list of false churches and pastors below) – so I didn’t even want deliverance (removing dark entities or demons from you.) Interesting right?

Heavy, sick, and drained by dark spirits at Rhythmia Ayahuasca retreat, Costa Rica. 

I had no problem with the “beings” “spirits” and snakes that came into the room and into my body during Ayahuasca ceremonies in the jungle. But I resisted God’s Holy Spirit driving out the same dark entities from my system. Well, this week, I was shown how wrong I was. And how much I needed deliverance.

My shocking deliverance experience in my church (and my throat and eye).
Let me tell you a story from this month. I went to my church (In London which is full of ex-New Agers from all over the world). I sat down. Opened my mouth to sing the hymns. BOOM! Instantly something popped into my throat. It was like a creature that was stuck there. It hurt SO bad. I couldn’t really swallow. I was sweating. Panicking. The pastor (whom I love) began speaking. But all of a sudden his words sounded foul and irritating. A voice inside my head said: “Get out”. “This is ridiculous”. “You are dying.” “You need an ambulance.” I grabbed my coat and rushed to the back of the church and grabbed my ex-Buddhist bible teacher by the arm as I whispered, “help me”. 

I was crying, telling him that I needed help or a doctor. And he took one look at me and started praying for God to set me free. He realized what was happening. Evil entities inside my body were expelled as I sat in the holy space of the church and tried to get me OUT OF THERE.  As he prayed…the pain vanished. This was my first experience with deliverance. And it was so beautiful. This is to tell you that many ex-New Agers suffer needlessly from spiritual attacks and oppression because they either go to a false deliverance pastor/church or resist deliverance altogether.

Warning: My pastor’s thoughts on deliverance:

Just like in The New Age – “stand in’s” like deliverance and miracle pastors can be “hijacked” and deceptive. My church is a very modern, living church full of ex-New Agers who have been healed here and seasoned Christians as well as elders from all walks of life. Our pastor (Roger) who was there when I got delivered, warns against deliverance preachers in general. He says: 

“The concept of deliverance ministries is not scriptural. As part of the ministry of any church that is alive in Christ, there will be instances of people being set free from demonic possession and oppression. It is a natural part of the |ife of the church.

Demons from Findhorn and New Age practices.
Some time ago I had to minister to a chap who had been steeped in New Age wickedness and had been at Findhorn (which is a satanic center controlled by and full of evil spirits.)After fasting the Lord specifically told me to cast out of him an evil presence.

A while ago I was asked to go to a house where there was a very bad demonic presence. Shopping bags were being lifted a yard in the air. This thing smashed a window frame and threw things and the young man of the house had been so terrified he sat up all night with a hammer in his hand to defend himself. I went with an elder of the church and dealt with it.

However, the family involved wanted their problem solved but they were not wanting to get right with God. They were not interested in coming to church. I don’t know what followed but it is more than likely that something worse came to them.

Matt.12:43-45 “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he comes, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there, and the last state of that man is worse than the first.”

Worse after deliverance than before
This is a danger that is very real. You get a man with a serious lust issue, he is set free but is not really wanting salvation and sanctification so a huge spiritual vacuum happens, not filled with God. In a day or two, he is watching far worse pornography and gets enslaved. This is how human nature, unredeemed, behaves. He finishes up far worse off and is rushing toward hell.

A good example of deliverance is in Acts 16 see verses 16-18. 

“And it came to pass as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed of a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying. The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the Highest God, which show us the way of salvation. And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour” The demon-possessed girl was troubling the servants of God ‘many days’. 

I expect there were some ‘super-spiritual ‘smart Alecs who said, “Paul can’t be a real man of God, doesn’t he know this is a demon? Can’t he deal with it? Doesn’t he have any authority etc., etc?” Fools who would have known nothing of God’s ways or His timing.

I personally would not engage in this issue of ‘deliverance ministries. There is more than a danger that the folks majoring in this will be proud and unteachable. Just do what you are doing dear sister. Go on with Jesus, and gain more ground in the grace of Christ. That is everything. Lots of love in Christ,

Stroud Green Christian Assembly

Frequently asked questions:


1: Can you trust the Bible? 

 Bible study for beginners:

2: Why is Jesus and not ‘Christ consciousness” important?

Jesus & Dealing with doubt and debunking critics.
You can’t receive guidance from God via Holy Spirit (the only pure spiritual guidance) if you still have one foot in the demonic Matrix. You have to step away from it, unfollow it, renounce it and burn all the occult/New Age items (see the guide below). If you hold on to ANYTHING – you are still in bondage.

Here’s why declaring Jesus as your saviour is important. When you accept Jesus into your life and honour him as the way to access God – The anti-Christ spirit (including religious spirit) will pop up to be exposed and you will be able to SEE IT CLEARLY. It’s like having the scales removed from your eyes. You can see, feel and sense darkness. Dark agents and people who are in bondage will sound different, look different and be repulsive to you when you have The Holy Spirit inside you. This is why people will be extremely triggered by the name Jesus. It’s also the reason why we resist talking about Jesus in the beginning. There is so much power in His name. When we say it out loud – people will be removed from our lives. People will hate us and they will attack us and show their true colours. Fakeness and shallowness will be very obvious to you. 

3: Where is the feminine/Goddess in all this:
The demonic goddess movement and feminine rising.

4: What’s wrong with Kundalini Yoga?
Best testimonial about the Kundalini spirit:


5: Why not Ayahuasca? 
The dark entities that came into my body, took over my body and the Hell that I encountered when I was in a ceremony in Rhytmia stayed with me for a long time after I left Costa Rica (after my initial bliss). You can see how heavy, unhealthy and attacked I am in these pictures (I am wearing an ankh which is actually a Luciferian and occult symbol that they lure you into using and to coerce you into “merging” with the darkness in the spiritual realm.


Read more about the ankh and other satanic symbols to burn and get rid of

I cannot warn against Ayahuascha enough. No one escapes these ceremonies without dark entities attached to them. My mental health issues escalated after this trip and I kept it secret because I was so embarrassed. Pictures from the Ayahuasca ceremony room, feathers, and Florida water. The shamans drink and spit this water all over you during the ceremony.

The dangers of Ayahuasca (not a Christian source)

From Ayahuasca/mushrooms to Jesus

6. Where do dark agents snatch you?
I highly recommend that you check out my Matrix Map, checklist, and podcast about this to avoid the sneaky traps that are set up for your precious soul HERE.
Because Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Demons disguise themselves as healers, priests, coaches, truth-tellers, and friends. They are everywhere. From the megachurches to the miracle/deliverance pastors. From the Business coaches and to the ascension guides who claim to expose the New Age while still, heavily infiltrated by demonic agendas. 


7: What churches are false/hijacked? 
Read more about false churches HERE:

The Cult of Christianity

8: Best Christ-centered movies & books (adults)

Undercover by John Bevere

Why Believe the Bible

The Case for Christ

The Beginner’s Bible

The Passion of the Christ

9: Best books and movies for children. 

Ode to my cat spot

Just in Case You EVER Wonder

Goodnight My Child

Tilly’s Bad Day

On My Way: A Love Letter from Your New Baby

Through the Bible in 40 Riddles

Fearless: Children’s Bible Affirmation

God is Always There


Prince of Egypt

Facing the Giants


When I had my Jesus awakening in Dec 2019, the scales were removed from my eyes. It was like going from blind to seeing the TRUTH for the first time. Suddenly I could see all the lies, deception, and demonic oppression in the New Age spiritual community. I had to step away – here is how I did it. Step by step.  

My children learn about manifestation, oracle cards, and rituals from me

Best testimonials and research videos about New Age practices:
Check out the links and resources below if you want to know more about the demonic origin of these occult practices.

Enneagram deception:


False teachings, churches, and preachers: (Including ELEVATION and BETHEL CHURCH)








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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson