This podcast episode is a mini-documentary with secret audio messages between Ashley and me (from when she was broken) and a “behind the scenes” look at her journey the past year (in real time, audio, video and private photos.) 

Ashley took photos and I kept all the evidence from when things were really hard as Ashley went through the Autism Turnaround Program with me and this gives you a rare and unique look into the effort she put into it. 

Ashley and her son before. 

Ashley ate and served crap foods, ate too much to cope and over-exercised to feel numb and to punish herself. 

Ashley son had eczema

No eye contact

No interest in humans. 

Meltdown after melt down. 

Ashley’s son after: 
Bonding with humans and animals. 
He now has eye contact.

Ashley’s son’s eyes glazed over one day and suddenly, he was “gone” into autism symptoms, tantrums, and meltdowns. He had dark circles under his eyes, he would be throwing things and hitting himself if things didn’t go his way.

He had no interest in other humans or animals. Ashley and her husband were in denial. Ashley used food to escape (4000 calories per day) and switched between over-consumption and punishment (heavy exercise. 

When they first heard that autism symptoms don’t have to be for life, they tried Nemechek, gluten – and dairy-free diets. It had some effect. But it wasn’t until Ashley started working on herself and her own healing that things started to shift for real. 

Her son is now bonding with animals and other people and smiling. He makes eye contact and loves to touch and look at his family members (he hated it before.)

Ashley lost 27 pounds in 2 months without dieting. She stopped stressing, over-performing and feeling numb, and her son is behaving more and more like a typical 4-year-old. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson