3 simple steps to speed up the autism turnaround process by connecting to your inner child. You’ll get a free meditation to help facilitate that connection.

Do you ever feel stuck or confused about what to do regarding your fluctuating weight, your health, your mood swings AND your child’s symptoms?

Do you ever wish that you had someone to go to for ALL the answers to get to a better place and turn your child around faster?

In this podcast, I am going to reveal that you DO have a place to go for advice. Also, the 3 realizations you need to have before you can get there.

Of course, there is a reason why you feel stuck, tired, heavy and confused about what to do for your child.

Today you are going to understand how your connection to the inner child is probably affecting your health, your weight, mood and relationships PLUS your child’s symptoms.

You are going to learn how reconnecting with your inner child can speed up the healing process for you and your child.  Also, why diets, lifestyle changes, and autism protocols fail when we disconnect from our inner child.

I have facilitated inner child work for thousands of women over the past 11 years in my prize-winning, Scandinavian Online Health Community and it has proven to be the most effective tool for women.


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson