How we turned autism, our own health and relationships around and how you can do the same. 

24-year old Jasmine LaRouque went from unhealthy, bed-ridden with depression, an infant and a newly diagnosed child with autism to INVINCIBLE and an autism turnaround expert within one year after meeting me.

Carol Chapman saved her 16 year long marriage and turned both of her adopted children with severe autism around PLUS her own neuropathy using the tools I showed her (and her own intuition). 

In this podcast I share the conversations I had with them recently because I wanted them to share their 8 best autism turnaround tips and actionable steps that you can copy if you are stuck and overwhelmed by autism symptoms, health, mood and challenges. 

How to realise what choices (lifestyle, food, health and emotional) can lead to autism and how to turn it around. 

The 3 most important things that create real change in symptoms and behavior. 

Also, why trusting your instinct and inner guidance is important.

Why autism protocols and autism diets rarely is the answer and what is)

How your own health and your relationship to your body is affecting your child’s symptoms. 

Furthermore, how to get a child from violent, destructive, screaming and apathetic to bonding, hugging and peaceful. 

How to let autistic children guide you towards the optimal healing tools in nature.

Moreover, how it feels when symptoms disappear. 

How to save a marriage that’s falling apart because of autism and fall in love again. 

How to get an unsupportive husband on your side. 

Why: “There’s nothing you can do” is the biggest lie and how one woman proved it wrong and overcame neuropathy after cancer using the same methods that she is using to turn her autistic children around. 

Links for books and courses we talked about in this episode:

The Mindset course that Jasmine & Carol refers to 


“ The body keeps the score” by Bessel Van De Kolk.

“It didn’t start with you” by Mark Wolynn.

“Resilient” by Rick Hanson.

“The Queens Code” by Alison Armstrong.

Podcast about love w. Alison Armstrong


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