5 step checklist
 to turn things around when your child regresses or hit a plateau.

In this episode, I will take you through my 5 step checklist to turn things around when your child regresses or you hit a plateau.

It can be so frustrating when we hit a plateau. Don’t worry. All autism mamas experience this. Plateaus simply mean: “Something’s gotta change.” I want to help you by sharing the 5 most common reasons why we see regression symptoms so that you can turn this around.

We will cover: 

Is the foundation in place?

Otherwise, the damage created from Nature deficiency (inflammation, low energy, hormonal issues, stress, and sleep problems) will work against the healing process. Foundation first.

What are you suppressing that your child expresses?

Children express what you suppress. Always. There is always an emotional message for you in your child’s behavior and symptoms. When my inner child is cared for and I am a good parent to myself, my children THRIVE. Your child represents your body and your inner child.

How and when to adjust the diet and how diet causes regression.
Plateau’s does not necessarily mean: “BAD NEWS”. It often means – time to explore and adjust. What gets your child to one stage of the turnaround/healing won’t get him/her to the next. If you have gone gluten-free and dairy-free and the body has had time to recover from the worst offenders, the child often calls you to step up the health game. 

Regression and the brain?
Underdeveloped cerebellum is a common issue for children with learning and behavioral issues. Many children have not hardwired those skills in childhood (especially not if the child has been passive or not crawled enough or spent a lot of time indoors in front of screens.)

 Is it the supplements?
Lack of/overload of certain vitamins and minerals can cause problems. I can’t state this enough….There are NO SAFE SUPPLEMENTS.  It is better to give your child a very nutrient-dense diet until you learn how to understand, test, interpret and adjust the nutrients.

Enjoy the podcast. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson