Our Autism Turnaround Journey, Part 2: My past, body issues and creating autism. 
In this shocking journey back in time, I will reveal:

The long ass journey from a hippie child with immature parents to my first healthy relationship (and marriage) with the father of my 2 children. 

Also, how traumatic childhood experiences, abuse, and abandonment created a PTSD pattern that ended up leading to me having an autistic child (decades later).

Then, how autism happened years before I ever got pregnant. Furthermore, treating my body poorly and a very unhealthy lifestyle, cigarettes, partying, junk food, pollution, and stress.

Moreover, how childhood trauma, abandonment, anxiety + feeling worthless made me unhealthy and detached from my body. Thus, always craving validation and attention and very needy and fearful.

In addition, repeating dysfunctional relationships throughout my youth and hating my beautiful but unhealthy body – even when I was a model. Consequently, always looking for approval and something and someone to fill the void. Also, graduating from University and Journalism School battling with mental health issues.

The emptiness, the food, and the party lifestyle that lead to physical collapse and weight gain. The unhealthy pregnancy and creating autism.

This podcast is relevant for everyone who wants to understand my ‘why autism happens’, ‘how we can prevent autism’, and ‘why understanding “your body’s story”, ancestry, and emotional patterns are important’. 

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Podcast series: Our Autism Turnaround Story, part 3.

We bring our past, our emotional baggage into our relationships and we create our own family with the good and the bad building blocks from our past (plus our own karma). 

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