Could nature deficiency be one of the main causes for autism symptoms?
My story seems to prove that. But what does science say? 

I was mindblown when I researched nature deficiency and the facts to back up my theory for this podcast. 
It is so incredibly important, deep and overlooked. And yet it seems to be such an important piece of the healing puzzle. 

In this podcast episode, you will learn NEW HEALING TOOLS AND INSIGHTS  about: 

? SURPRISE: Different types of trees and forests and why some might make our children sick and stressed while others will heal most symptoms. 

? What autism experts can learn about changing symptoms from the secret life of trees. 

? Nature deficiency and inadequate amounts of light, dirt, soil, mud and the link to the many physical and behavioural challenges of autism (and how to turn them around). 

? Why the aromas, scents, rhythms and cycles of nature are important for health, immunity, mood and mental health and where to go to heal in nature. 

? Why light is an epigenetic switch and how to turn on health, peace and healing and how to AVOID switching on poor health and behaviour by mistake. 

? The immune system, bacteria, soil, mud and other mysteries. 

? Why your child might not be sick but thirsty and why modern water is dead water and how to hydrate well without the many pitfalls and water filtration myths that keep autistic children sick. 

? How nature affects the nervous system and how an indoor lifestyle and ABA therapy indoors might work AGAINST learning, emotional skills and social skills. 

? The frequency of nature and how to calibrate to it. 

? How nature reconnects children to their purpose and the spiritual messages behind autism that can ONLY be found in nature. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson