Adriana did what they told her couldn’t be done. She turned the most stressful and devastating autism symptoms around with her son in nature by working on herself. 

We’re talking rigidity, speech issues, aggression, lack of learning and focus, lining things up, and obsessions. 

Want to know how you can walk in her footsteps and copy her strategies? This interview is for you. 

Barefoot Autism Warrior Adriana Zak podcast - child 1

After the autism diagnosis, Adriana wasn’t offered any help from the authorities and the traditional autism mama community was not for her. 

Too much victim mentality. Too much complaining. 

Barefoot Autism Warrior Adriana Zak podcast - child 2

In this conversation, she shares how she: 

? Improved picky and rigid eating habits.

? Turned him from helpless to being able to do everything (including putting on clothes) himself. 

? Fell in love with sleeping and nature (and why both now are her favorite doctors.) 

? Used Mindset shifts, nature, and grounding to overcome her son’s symptoms. 

? Ended tech and gaming addiction and set healthy boundaries. 

? Stopped rigid and strange obsessions like lining up vegetables and fruits and obsessing over them as playmates. 

? Managed to implement habits to improve sleep, eating habits, attention span, and speech.

? Went from relationship stress to peace by turning her son’s problems around. 

? Worked on her own ability to speak her truth and saw her son’s speech improve. 

And so much more. 




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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson