This week I handed back the luxury car that I got as a welcome present when I moved in with the soulmate, I no longer have. I feel lighter than ever before. I lost 9 kilos from realizing my relationship was over until now (6 weeks later). Spiritual weight and emotional baggage. 

Why am I sharing my break-up story?

It’s not an attempt to blame my ex-partner, that’s for sure. I appreciate him and I am grateful for his friendship. If anything – I feel bad for him and me. Why? Because we have both been under a spell. 

The house, I left behind. You can manifest anything but you will lose in the long run. Because manifestation isn’t of God. 

The spell was activated by a clairvoyant when I was still married to my husband and came into full effect when a white sham by the name Pia connected us after a “channelled” message almost 6 years ago.

The spell was broken in 2021 and the person I was (who came into this relationship) does not exist anymore.
She had fake breasts, fake nail – and hair colour, fake fillers in her face and she was open to fake illusions.

Me before, long fake blonde waves, fillers and fake boobs. Perfect target for a twinflame deception. 

The person who packed her belongings a few years ago and moved into a tiny house with her sons is completely different. If you are still under the spell, you might think that I am single because I don’t look the same. If you are open to the truth – you are ready to face the ugly truth behind seduction, un-holy sexual relationships, Twinflame connections and spiritual immaturity.

Me after leaving and losing everything from fake breasts, home, hair colour, vanity to relationship.

Maybe this is a warning. Maybe this is a lifeboat and directions for you to use to get yourself (and your heart & body) back to safety. 

Did you know…..

? Familiar spirits (not “The Universe”) creates synchronicity and romantic events when you meet your partner when you are practising New Age spirituality (including healing, Kundalini, Goddess/moon circles, oracle cards, rituals, altars). 

? Manifestation (even of the dream partner) is absolutely possible but it ALWAYS comes with a price/bad consequence…

? If a channel, medium or clairvoyant predicts or endorses a relationship, it’s the dark spirits who put you together.


There’s a dark side to Twin Flame /soulmate relationships that few people know about.

You can test if you are idolizing your partner and other signs that your relationship won’t last (unless you change radically)

Idolizing my partner and our “success-lifestyle”

There’s a dark agenda when it comes to relationships (and signs that the dark side is controlling yours.)

In this podcast episode, I share:

? My ultimatum
? and the reason why I walked away after nearly 6 years?
? The beginning of the end and the craziest year of my life.

? The reasons why my relationship was doomed from day one and what it took for me to realize it. 

? Our first meeting and the signs that were there from the beginning. 

? Self-deception, false trauma and familiar spirits in our connection. 

? The strange month of December last year (the beginning of the end) and our final weeks together. 

? The breakup. Who, when, what. 

? Materialism, flashy things, consumerism and addiction to work and success. 

? My life now and plans for the next 3 years with my boys (hint: Tiny homes, self-sufficient, downscaling, nature, freedom.)

? And all your questions answered…..

Listen to the podcast here. 

The podcasts,  I mentioned in this episode: 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson