If you’ve ever broken down crying because you feel like you “just can’t do autism anymore”, You need to listen to this podcast, because autism mom Danielle knows what to do when despair hits you hard. 

She also brings hope to those who are struggling with stress from dealing with eloping, meltdowns in the grocery store or school and lack of social skills. Danielle recently watched her son deal with noise, kids screaming, and challenging and unpredictable situations WITHOUT meltdowns and that was a HUGE milestone that she wants to share with you so that you might experience the same. 

“I cried.” 

That’s how Danielle described her reaction that the day when she was finally able to take her son to an un-planned event at school and he didn’t have a meltdown.

“He didn’t push, elope or react when kids of all ages started pushing and screaming.  He also didn’t protest when he was given his usual plum, apples and healthy treats while other children ate the pizza and candy that used to give him tantrums in the past. 

Even though you might think that Danielle is lucky – in this podcast episode she describes the days when “she just cries out to God because she “simply doesn’t want to (or know how to handle) autism anymore. 

Why? Because he’s still not speaking/communicating. 

Because the progress he’s made has taken 3 years. 

Listen to the full conversation with this remarkable woman who is in the Barefoot Autism Warriors Course and community. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson