45 : Healing tips from a suicide survivor. You are not alone in a dark place

Have you ever felt like giving up?

You are not alone. I remember fantasizing about ending my life when things were chaotic, stressful beyond description and hope was nowhere to be found.

No matter how sad and dark your life feels, these 5 healing tools can take you to a better place.

David Morris is an ex-military veteran and a suicide survivor. His son found him the first time and he really did not want to die. He just wanted peace. In this episode, find out how to get to a better place and find peace without destroying your own life and breaking the hearts of those who love you.

You will learn how to grow from the pain and why it is absolutely necessary to talk to someone. It doesn’t matter who. You will also learn how to overcome any crisis from a man who went to war, almost lost everything after a divorce and grew into the resourceful parent he has become (and you can too).

David also speaks about the importance of mindset, spiritual practice and how love and nature saved him twice.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

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