This episode is a 5-step strategy to get at least 1.5 hours more to yourself every single day.

It is a strategy that can turn every morning into a “sleep in-Saturday” kind of day (even on Mondays).

It works even if you are over-worked and drained and even if you feel like everything is going to fall apart if you don’t do all the things you do every day.

This podcast is for the good girls, the “pleasers” and the hard-working mamas who LONG for more time to chill, rest, read, or just BE ALONE.

If you feel drained, stressed, and irritable because you are doing everything for everybody else, this podcast is for you.

You will learn:

The proven strategy to sleep more, wake up without an alarm, and have time for all the things you miss in life.

The reason why you HAVE TO stop saying yes to shit you hate if you want to be a good mother, lover, friend, or colleague.

The weird challenge that’s going to free your life from energy thieves and time-consuming duties in 3 days.

Enjoy this episode and share it with an overwhelmed friend.


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson