It’s not true when they say: “there’s nothing you can do about autism”. 

It’s not true when they say: “there’s nothing you can do about autism”. 

Jackie is proof that food, lifestyle, and NATURE change everything, even autism.

This interview with Jackie will blow your mind and silence the critics who say that “autism acceptance” is the best way to deal with autism. 

Jackie turned her autism symptoms around (by coincidence) in nature using many of the same methods that I teach in my courses. She also learned how city life, processed food and a toxic lifestyle will bring the symptoms back almost immediately.

In this episode she reveals how she experienced freedom from pain, bloating, lack of social skills, stress and rigidity on a camping trip where she lived like our ancestors (outdoors, sauna, sunlight, grounding, swimming, eating from the land, no electricity).

When she got back to the city and her symptoms re-appeared she started her life long quest to find the best natural and spiritual healing strategies for autism. 

Jackie now coaches parents and professionals in the importance of a huge shift in beliefs, lifestyle and diet in order to give people on the spectrum a life without pain, stress and isolation. 

In this interview we cover:

  • Why believing that autism can be turned around is absolutely necessary. 
  • How a trip into nature was a wake up call for Jackie and her key to understanding and minimizing symptoms. 
  • The importance of clean water, food, sunlight, grounding and freedom from electricity. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson