The 3 key (unusual) steps that EVERY parent (or future moms) MUST learn.

This liberated my son from symptoms of autism & relieved my family from hyperactivity, weight-and sleep issues, constipation, sleep issues, anxious and depressed days.

I wish I knew this before my son went into autism.
It was my wake up call.

Shownotes & links, website :

  • Listen to my interview with leading biomedical expert Doctor Albert Mensah HERE
  • Podcast about Cardiologist about why you can’t trust mainstream media HERE
  • Dr. Fasano, Harvard, on autism, gut, gluten and diet: HERE

Books by Doctors on autism reversal:

  • Martha Herbert: Harvard Medical School: The Autism Revolution: HERE
  • Dr. Ken Bock: Healing The New Childhood Epidemics: HERE
  • William Walsh: Nutrient Therapy HERE

Medical Conference talks on biomedical aspects of autism:

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