How can grounding outdoors help my autistic child? 

Take off your autistic child’s shoes – they will make them worse. The best thing you can do for your autistic child? Get your child outdoors and make sure that they sleep grounded.  How? You will learn all about this in this podcast. 

The Native American Indians knew this and today the leading expert in grounding for health, relieving pain and inflammation, and improving sleep, Clint Ober, is sharing the wisdom he initially learned in a tip from indigenous tribes.  

Why shoes and indoor, modern lifestyle is making autistic children worse and how living “ungrounded” is the underlying cause of most chronic, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.  

Also, why NOT grounding is slowly killing us and how to get grounded for free or very cheaply no matter where you live.  

Why grounding can protect you from EMF damage, 5G and toxic, stressful life in the city.  

Furthermore, why fear-mongering and the rumors claiming that grounding isn’t safe in a 5G environment is (probably) nonsense.  

Why you don’t have to waste time and money on a building biologist and EMF mitigation until you have done THIS (free, easy, natural).  

How grounding is all about returning to nature, protecting women and children and remembering who we are.  

The groundbreaking science and studies proving that “grounding”  effective for most modern illnesses and stress disorders should make you run out and ground yourself NOW.  

How long should you be grounding for, in what way and when? 

Devices to invest in that don’t cost a fortune and will last you a lifetime.  


Barefoot Autism Warriors are affiliates for Clint Ober’s grounding products and you can find yours here Groundology, Earthrunners, Raum , Harmony783


Science and resources 

Read more about the science HERE 

The Earthing movie

The book about Earthing by Clint Ober HERE


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson