How is it possible to go from autism chaos to peace in 5 months? 

What do you do when your son keeps running away, banging his head on the walls and on the ground so hard that you pick up the phone to call an ambulance?

Especially when you have tried EVERYTHING including Gluten/dairy-free diets, Nemechek and Gaps diets, supplements and chiropractic?

Australian Emma is a doula and very health conscious, but even after 4 years of breastfeeding, natural birth and a medicine-free childhood she was at her wits end. Nothing worked. Not even all the things that seemed to work for other autism mamas. 

In this episode she shares:

What happened between November and February that lead to her partner saying: “Ninka is going to save our lives”. And how we did this together. Or rather – they saved themselves.

The synchronistic events and the role of Luke Storey and The Life Stylist Podcast episode with me that lead Emma to her truth.

The low point, the headbanging, the violence and the shame and embarrassment in the nursery, supermarkets because of the meltdowns. 

How and when she realised he had autism. 

The autism personality that had her very worried and the extreme sensitivity that ruined their lives. 

The scary change when Otto turned the 12 months corner.

Feeling like a failure as a parent and the excruciating shame. 

The “typical healthy diet” that made things worse.

What it feels like to try EVERYTHING without results and the feeling of finally finding the things that worked for her child (and what it was).

If you want to go through the coaching and the courses that Emma completed with me, you can read more HERE You can also join my free Facebook community (as long as it exists because I might take it off social media  HERE Find Emma here: 

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Emma is a very informed and health-conscious mother  

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

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