I am having no phone or social media every other week. Also, I deleted the messenger. Furthermore, I am not checking emails, creating podcasts. All the more, I’m not going live on Facebook, posting on Instagram or ANYTHING work-related on my week off (every other week). In fact, I feared that I would lose my business, followers, and my purpose. That didn’t happen. So what happens when an over-performer and workaholic ditches her addiction to social media? And how can this strategy give you more time, more healing, more health, and happiness.

How social media (and work) fasting changed my body, my life, my eating habits, and my consciousness. How you can get 50% more time, abundance, healing, and happiness by doing less rest more, and just BE?

The new Paradigm: More success, purpose, and results by working less.  Also, the art of abandoning your inbox, newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook plus Twitter every other week. 

How going electronics-free turned my son’s autism around years ago. And how I got sucked into it again until I broke up with my phone half time. 

In addition, irritability and depression/anxiety is a sign of addiction. Before, I am addicted to my phone and social media. Consequently, it can ruin our lives. Besides, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube create a dopamine rush, addiction. Also, they control one’s mind based on reward and punishment. 

Feeling overwhelmed and distracted by social media? 
Stressed? Do you have a bad conscience about being less present than you want to be? 

How social media and electronics-fasting is important if you want to heal yourself and your child. 

Why being aggressive, irritable, and apathetic if results from addiction to social media. 

Also, how phones, distractions, news and the negativity based algorithm prevents us from moving from 3D to 5D reality.

How you can change your addictions to sugar, over-eating, and weight issues by social media fasting and tuning into the frequency and mindfulness of Nature. 

The 10 signs that you are addicted and currently damaging your nervous system and your soul by being online too much. And the denial we tend to get into. 

The signs that you are ascending from 3D to 5D awakening.

The light side and the dark side of social media. And how to use it for good instead of trauma-based relating.

How to do social media fast and the what you need to know to avoid getting damaged by social media.

Youtube video about how and why Social Media ruins your life
(Jarion Lanier) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc_Jq42Og7Q

Youth Ted talk: Things I learned from my social media fast

See you next week. 

PS: Next episode is about the amazing microcurrent technology for autism, pain, inflammation, immune system, healing and cell-repair.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson