How do you survive losing your 7-year-old child in a hospital room because mainstream doctors don’t believe in your alternative approach and refuse to save him? 

Moreover, how do you move on without bitterness when you pay the ultimate price (your child)? 

How do you actually GAIN from this experience? All the more, move through the different phases of grief instead of getting stuck in the darkness (and victim mentality)?

Kirsten is a light in the darkness for ANY parent who has lost a child. Also, who battle with the stress factors of having a child who struggles (maybe even because of mainstream medicine). 

This podcast is the most heart-opening episode I have ever recorded. 
I remember when my friend, Kirsten Stendevad lost her child (he was 7).

In this episode, she shares:

What happened after she walked home from that hospital room where her son had just died because of old school medical practice. What did she say, do and think – and how did these words and decisions save her life. As well as, her other children’s future (and so many other lives)?

The magic of choosing a path through the dark night of the soul. Furthermore, why “going up or going down is actually optional”.

The art of having one son in Paradise and insisting on creating Paradise on earth for the children who are still with her. 

Why the children who struggle (The special children) are here to wake us up to the fact that “business as usual” is forever GONE and why the feminine is SO important in any family.

How she has dealt with her “special child”.

Why love is the answer. 

The new paradigm: parenting, business, mothering, and why you have to make big changes now and create time and space for yourself to ENJOY life. 

We have cried many tears together and she is my biggest hero because she turned the most horrific experience into an awakening. That turned not only her –  but her other children into strong role models, lightworkers and….quite frankly…healers.


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson