How my ex-husband felt, helped & struggled through our autism turnaround.

For the first time since their divorce 10 years ago and 15 years after their son’s recovered from autism.

Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson has a heart-to-heart conversation with her ex about his version of the story of their journey through autism turnaround.

This truly is an “open mic” situation.

Many of the talking points in this conversation has never been shared before. Actually, we have never talked about this.

Many “aha” moments and scary memories. As well as, hope and great tips for autism moms and autism dads.

In this episode, we reveal:

How did autism show up? And how did he notice the shift from “normality” to tantrums, stimming, screaming, and violence?

A man’s perspective: The autism recovery and autism turnaround. 

Also, his version of the story (does it fit mine?).

How he felt before, during, and after the diagnosis?

What it felt like to be 23, just married and a father for the first time, and have THIS happen to you?

Additionally, what happened after the diagnosis. And how he dealt with doctors, experts, and other parents (and why he lost his belief in authority). 

Why he resisted BIG time (and what he HATED) about my plans for recovery. 

What it felt like when we changed EVERYTHING (food, lifestyle, house, EVERYTHING). Also, what he felt about me? 

In addition, why he gave me 2 months to prove that I could turn his symptoms around. 

Finding the road to recovery. that pivotal moment when he knew that we were recovering our son. 

His darkest moments and the scariest scenarios in the worst phases of autism. 

Of course, dealing with skeptics, friends, and family members. 

Why autism pulled us apart and why he supported the lifestyle and me even after divorce (and our unusual living arrangements).

Moreover, his best tips for moms and dads to get men on boards. And overcome skepticism. 

Furthermore, his feelings about the boy’s new life in The UK and his opinions about them. 

Finally, his new life with a new girlfriend and baby. And what his life, lifestyle, and diet are like now. 

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