Today we are going to have a really tough, personal conversation about ALL THE THINGS WE hide. The things we feel ashamed about because we think we are the only ones dealing with this crap.
Wrong. Let’s share and support each other. I go first. Why? Because all the secrecy and the suppression of the shameful aspects of life as an autism mom keep us STUCK and isolated.
Even worse: It can block autism turnarounds.

We can’t heal what we won’t feel (or see). After this podcast episode, you will know why and realize that we are all in this together. You will also know what to ask yourself and do to GROW from this. You are not a victim. You are a warrior. And you are human.

Often when we actually share the shitty side of life as an autism mom in order to grow from it (rather than feeling sorry for ourselves) – we realize that we are NOT alone (or crazy)

So today, we are sharing all the taboos and the way to heal through the following:

 ? Regrets and fantasies about running away from it all.

? Shameful events, thoughts and feelings (and how to embrace them.)

? Fearing the future and feeling like you have lost yourself.

? Embarrassing secrets about our body, symptoms and eating habits.

? Anxiety, depression, yelling and mood swings (why you struggle and how to heal).

? Jealousy and the danger of becoming a preacher, a soul prostitute, a policewoman or a parent instead of a partner and how it destroys your sex life.

? Addiction (food, stimulants, work and pain-addiction), over-performance and extreme lack of self-care. 

?Low levels of consciousness (pride, bitch syndrome, anger, helplessness and superficial existence based on survival.)

? Shame and regret.

? Addictions (numbing out the pain).

? Mood swings, yelling, jealousy and aggression. 

? Lousy love life during autism PTSD and sexual problems.

? How to ruin your relationship.

All of this is to remind you that this is part of the process and that this will pass as soon as you start observing yourself from the outside. Nothing is permanent and the only way out of the darkness is by shining light on the shadows. 

Every one of the 5 taboos in this podcast is accompanied by healing questions to ask yourself and strategies to raise the level of consciousness, health, healing, and recovery speed. 

Ps: In the next episode, you will learn how to test and heal your stress type. The missing link in all healing protocols and personal development programs. There are 2 main stress types and the way they heal are two COMPLETELY different pathways. If you want to heal your child, you’ve gotta know your stress type. The 2 main stress types have very different self-sabotage patterns, nervous systems and personality. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson