An unusual online friendship between me and Carrie-Anne Moss inspired her to quit social media. Today she is sharing the wisdom, love and tips to handle “THE SHITSHOW” (her words)  of this chaotic time and a life online. 

It turned into a very personal, honest and vulnerable conversation that can give you insights and tools to handle:

Children’s addiction to screens and the grief of ruining family life and playtime by handling our children an addiction. 

The need to fix problems and ask experts for help and why we should never wish our problems away. 

The need to take pictures and the importance of enjoying the moments that never comes back instead. 

Missing out on sacred time with our children in our race to get in shape and work our way away from the present moment.

The grief of losing our children when they grow out of childhood and begin their life as independent persons (and crying for 2 years).

The need to seek answers outside of ourselves and the signs that your teachers, guides or coaches are not healthy for you (because they are undermining your sovereignty.
Breaking up with social media without getting lonely or isolated. 

The dark moments of the soul and the challenges of motherhood by appreciating the growth that comes with them. 

Healing and reclaiming the feminine through motherhood. 

Imperfectionism and feeling worthless. 

Stress and overwhelm and daily, free rituals to reclaim peace and spiritual connection. 

If you want to read more about Carrie-Anne Moss, check out her website here:

Trailer for The Matrix 4 with Carrie-Anne Moss 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson