Can we just be honest about Biomed, therapies and autism treatment for a moment? There’s a reason why it can sometimes feel like a prison. Stealing that’s stealing your life and your freedom (and your child’s). 

Do you know what I mean?

Forcing or nudging superfoods, supplements and juices into your child.

Endless days indoors spent on OT, ABA and speech therapy.

Restricting food groups to the point of exhaustion. Not to mention the cooking marathons (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy and glutamate free, of course. And no GMO. Or oxalates. Or legumes. Or whatever this month’s autism experts tell you to do.

Tests. Protocols. Supplements. Checkups. Chiropractors, camel milk. Nemechek, Gaps. Maps. Low oxalate. Feingold. HBOT. TRS Detox. Olive oil. Fish oil. More supplements. Less money in the bank. 

An overwhelming experience. Every test, doc or supplement bring new challenges and new expenses. Not always with impressive results.  There’s a reason why it actually doesn’t really work that well for a LOT of children.

Do you really have to do all this?
What happens if you stop?

That’s what I am going to reveal in this podcast episode.  

If you don’t have time to read – listen here. And here for android version. 

Let’s talk about the craze for autism treatments and recovery protocols in the autism warrior community. Now – there’s no doubt that autism is treatable. Even CDC came out with a paper talking about this recently. 

The problem is that everyone wants to start with the child…
Without fully understanding how healing truly works.

Sometimes it REALLY suck. Especially when the child is still having tantrums, stimming episodes, lack of eye contact, screaming, sleepless nights and physical symptoms. 

It’s no wonder why so many mothers burn out and give up within months. 

In this podcast, I share: 

? Why struggles with autism therapies and protocols actually is a warning sign that it might not be the right solution for your child. 

? 3 scary examples of symptoms that your child has that GET’S WORSE (or never truly solved) when you choose the therapy/treatment/Biomedical route.

? The HUGE missing links in ALL therapies, treatments, tests and protocols and why NO practitioner can replace you as the healer for your child. 

? The answer to the question: Should you stop all these interventions and what would happen if you do? 


?What to do instead. 

? Hell-like scenarios I went through with my child in order to do one crazy intervention after the other and how it almost killed my child (and me.) 

? Functional medicine practitioners, specific carbohydrate nightmares, and the food intolerance test that showed that my child was allergic to EVERYTHING….

? What led to my point of no return and a break up with all these diets, protocols, potions, practitioners, and therapists. 

? Why most mothers come to me asking for help with their child’s symptoms and healing process and why it often becomes clear that most mothers do not want healing…
….they want a magic bullet to remove the symptoms (and why that doesn’t work).

? The most common thought process in parent’s minds: “find out why my child has symptoms and get something (or someone) to fix their symptom.
And why that does not solve the problem. 

? The most important levers to succeed with your autism turnaround process.

? The number one realization about healing that you MUST have in order to create lasting change. 

Enjoy this episode.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson