Before you send your child to school – listen to this podcast interview with expert home educator Kiki from “Kiki and the Wildlings” in England. I was crying during this interview. I WISH I’d met her when my children were younger.

I, like most people, failed as a mainstream school mom, as a homeschooler and I hated special needs education.. both mainstream school parenting, and home education. You don’t have to. 

Instead of trying to fit your child into a box that is claustrophobic and outdated – even for so-called “neurotypical” children, you can reclaim freedom and a peaceful childhood for your child. 

What we talk about in this podcast:

? How to get started. Now. 

? The perfect solution for overwhelmed moms with kids who don’t fit into the outdated school system.

? How home education honours “special interests” and could be a positive experience for your autistic child.

? How home education reclaims childhood and replaces the “hamsterwheel” stress with slow mornings, long walks in nature and conflict-free learning. 

? How child-led learning takes the pressure out of life as a mom and how to wave goodbye to boring homework without sacrificing your child’s learning experience.


? Why you don’t have to “work like a teacher” or feel like you have to “take on even more” to do this. You don’t even have to follow boring curriculums or be good at maths. Not at all. In fact – unlearning, enjoying life in the forest, reading favourite books, going to museums and roaming free IS the curriculum in child-led home education.

? How to deal with resistance from other people and experts within the system.

? How to make it work financially and practically.


Links and resources: 

Kiki & the Wildlings podcast:


Home education/unschooling podcasts:

Honey, I’m homeschooling the kids.

The life without school podcast.

Unschooling mom2mom

Books: |

“The 5 hour school week”, Kaleena Amuchastegui.

“Weapons of Mass destruction”, John Taylor Gatto.

“Unschooled”, Kerry McDonald.

“The Brave Learner”, Julie Bogart.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson