There’s a mystical and sacred element to this podcast episode and I think you will find it VERY intriguing. I also predict that you will be intrigued by the circumstances and synchronicities surrounding the meeting between Kelli and I, because it can bring a new aspect to your own healing journey

At the end of this podcast episode, I am going to share something pretty strange that happened to Kelli when she (as a Christian) felt a lot of resistance before joining my courses as well. 

She had a message about me from God. I know. It’s really strange. It was to me at first. Just like it was strange for me at first to realize that Kelli (and 3 others had prayed for me when I was still being manipulated by New Age ideas.

This podcast is not religious. This episode is for EVERYONE who wants to dive deeper into all the support we have access to as mothers when we decide to turn autism around. So I invite you to keep your heart and your mind open.

I just want to state very clearly that I don’t belong to any religion – I also believe that religion is not what God wants us to engage in. 

In this episode, we share:

? Kelli’s incredible recovery journey with her daughter Hannah who went from having severe autism symptoms to no symptoms at all and a life in freedom as an independent adult.

? How incredibly hard it was for Kelli and the family when her daughter was trapped in severe autism symptoms and the severity of her meltdowns. 

? How doctors did not understand Kelli or her daughter and how it drove Kelli mad and to the point of giving up hope. 

? How one tiny piece of gluten/dairy-based food sent Hannah straight into meltdowns when School or other people didn’t respect how important a clean diet was for Hannah. 

? How a very person who was also a pediatric chiropractor started praying over Hannah and break generational curses.

? What spirit-filled healing information feels like and how to access it.

? How this person of faith saw things in spirit (Holy Spirit) when she was adjusting Kelli’s daughter and how this sacred information.


? The power of words and why you must be super careful with yours if you want to turn autism around. 

? God’s plan and why that’s NEVER the same as the doomsday prophecies (so don’t fall for them. )

? How doctors now are admitting that know less than mothers like Kelli and therefore they are now referring people to HER. 

? The danger of victim mentality. 

? What God told Kelli about me (which I read out loud in the outro after the podcast interview with Kelli.)


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson