Before listening to the podcast, download this Beginners Guide Top 3 things to do immediately after diagnosis to turn autism symptoms around.

Just got an autism diagnosis for your child? Are you anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed by therapies and negative predictions for the future?
I remember EXACTLY how you feel. Worried about the future, alternating between believing those who say that there’s nothing you can (or should do) and confused about contradicting advice. It’s hard to know what’s worth trying.

Worried about the screaming, lack of eye contact maybe, stimming, eloping, slow development, eating, behaviour, and other sensitivities. 

What autism diets should you try? Which supplements and treatments work? 

There’s a way to laser focus on non-toxic approaches that actually DO work and are missed by most mainstream and holistic experts plus all the well-meaning moms. 
It’s the approach that gives you more bang for your buck and it’s also the steps that separate the 9 % who actually turn symptoms around from the rest (a staggering number who do not see results no matter what they try. 

In this podcast, I cover:

? What happens if you don’t get access to this information? 

? The connection between the missing links and the high divorce rates. 

? Why it’s important for your child’s future that you act NOW.

? Without the right approach is statistically linked to suicidal tendencies, aggression, self-harm, psychiatric disorders, GI problems 

? How life will change when you learn this approach (imagine waking up tomorrow knowing what foods to get rid of, what to do from you wake up until bedtime that calms down your child, limits picky eating, tantrums, rigidity.

? How to stop wasting time and money on experts and protocols and instead find answers in the feedback you get from the child. 

? All for free and in one podcast. 



I am looking for dedicated moms who want to work with me by going through the step-by-step implementation program where I show you every tool I used to turn my son’s symptoms around. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson