The best European Walsh practitioner and nutrigenomic expert in autism is back on the podcast!

Dr. Barendse is an expert in understanding autism biotypes and the underlying nutritional issues behind the symptoms. That’s why I chose her to be my co-teacher for our upcoming Autism Turnaround Nutrition and Lifestyle Academy for mothers.

Today we are going to teach you about:

The tools we used to turn our children around. 

The safest detox methods and why we love Epsom salt.

The reason why multivitamins are NO GO and why probiotics can be tricky. 

Why you should start eating potatoes again and why your child needs them. 

Food intolerance, lifestyle tips and environment.

Picky eating and food strikes.

Good and bad sweeteners.

The importance of not being too strict with the diet.

The problem with high-fat diets and autism.

The best ways to implement a healthy lifestyle in an autism family.

And so much more. 

If you loved this podcast and want to be accepted into the Autism Turnaround Academy to learn from my personal family practitioner, here’s what to do:

1st- Sign up for the Autism Turnaround Mindset Course (we prioritize students from my Mindset course because they succeed faster and they are willing to change,because they have shifted their mindset from fight or flight to peace and clarity.)

The Course

2nd- Taken the Mindset Course already? Then, you can join the waitlist for the Autism Nutrition and Lifestyle Course and be the first to know when we open the doors. 

Waitlist HERE

This is the practitioner who gave us the last pieces of our healing puzzle and solved the mood swings, anger, anxiety and sadness that the autism diets and supplements, couldn’t.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

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