Acute stress intolerance affecting more and more hard-working people.

It is still unknown to most doctors and alternative and functional medicine medical professionals.

Yet more and more show up with this acute stress-induced (or genetic)  disorder which causes high anxiety,  mood swings, obsessive behaviour, hyperactivity, sensitivity to light and sound and poor healing and recovery.


In this podcast you will learn to look for signs of Pyrrole Disorder, who has it and why are victims so misunderstood and mistreated when the issue is basically a lack of certain nutrients?

A must for people who struggle with mood, anger, aggression, addiction, ADHD, OCD, pain, poor recovery and healing, autism, sensitivity, oxidative stress or stress of any kind and anyone with Irish, English or Scandinavian genes

Episode Notes:

Watch my Interview with the leading expert on Pyrolle Disorder and complementary and nutritional therapies HERE

Facts and myths about Pyrrole Disorder:

  • Medical lecture by Albert Mensah HERE
  • Pyrolle Disorder, anxiety and high Copper, William Walsh HERE
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