What are the TOP 5 most transformational (free) nutrition and lifestyle tips to turn autism around? 

I am going to take you back to basics and walk you through exactly what I did to create a foundation for change and changed my child’s behavior and symptoms.  

We are going BACK TO BASICS. I am taking you through all the basic, super implementable lifestyle and food tips for beginners who want to make maximum impact with minimum effects.  

1: The number one lifestyle change that had the most dramatic effect on my child’s behavior that most moms underestimate (it’s free, it’s easy and it’s right at your doorstep. 

2: How modern lifestyle and convenience have removed us from the no. 1 healing tool to deal with stress, inflammation, and chronic illness (and how to reverse it). 

3: What to do every evening to get a good night’s sleep, minimize sleeplessness, night terror, and toxic overload. Also, to give your child the optimal conditions to heal, destress, detoxify, and repair. 

4: The No. 1 breakfast trick for picky eaters to maximize nutrient density and amp up the macro-nutrients to make every day a little bit better, one meal at the time.  

5: What to eat and what not to eat. Foods that trigger autism symptoms (the fats will surprise you) and the foods you must start including (which you are probably avoiding right now). 

6: The environment changes you must make if you want real transformation and healing.  


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson