For 7 years, I have used this secret testing system to help women transform their health and transform their children. Before I fully understood this incredible secret, there were 2 specific types of women I simply COULD NOT HELP.

No matter what they did, what they ate and no matter how much they exercised and tried to change, they kept sabotaging their own results. Now I know why and how to heal this self-sabotage pattern.

If you are one of these 2 stress types you HAVE TO understand yourself and how to heal yourself emotionally and physically.

In this episode you will learn:

? How to spot and heal the hidden autism turnaround (and -health) blocker that is making you sad, tired, anxious, and unhealthy.

? Why these 2 stress types have some of the same symptoms emotionally and physically – the healing path for the 2 types is COMPLETELY different. What heals the cortisol type will make the thyroid type worse. And vice versa.

? How your stress-type might affect your hormones, your child’s turnaround journey, your mood, health and sleep right now.

? Why thyroid types keep repeating the same self-sabotage patterns and the real reasons why they never complete things or keep promises to themselves.

? Why thyroid types have health issues and how it’s linked to multi-tasking, feeling rejected, and letting themselves down (and how this happened).

? The unusual healing tool for thyroid types no matter how many symptoms they have.

? What weight issues, hair loss, exhaustion, constipation, and premature aging have to do with it.

? Why control anxiety, stress, and fear are creating more problems for cortisol stress types, and why control freaks have to seek more pleasure and less perfectionism in order to heal themselves and their children.

? Why this stress type HAS to stop over performing, controlling, and pleasing if they want to stop premature aging and turnaround blockers for their children.

? Why vulnerability, relaxation, and being SOFT is a healing tool and how this stress type ended up not being able to feel their body.

? Why these 2 stress types struggle to help their children and how to learn to do that by enjoying life more.

? Plus the secret behind sleeplessness, premature aging, hormonal issues, mood swings, disordered appetite, hair loss, constipation, addiction, sleepless nights, and anger (and so much more).

Enjoy this episode.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson