How to avoid sugar-shock, setbacks, weight gain, mood swings, stress + anxiety over Holidays

The 3 strategies I used for my kids & me to stay healthy and relaxed while everyone else is gaining weight,  overspending, overeating – overwhelmed and drained by demands, people, and expectations. How to shift your mindset, your eating strategies, and your mood using actionable steps that changed my child, my body, and my life. 

You deserve better than entering the New Year as a bloated, shameful, exhausted, and heavy version of yourself. Of course, you don’t have to damage your liver, your soul, and the autism turnaround journey just because it is the season for low consciousness and self-abuse.

You are a lightworker and now is the PERFECT time to prove it. Furthermore, no game-changers ever changed the world by fitting in and doing the same as everybody else. 

Christmas can be a portal for change, health, and healing instead of a doorway to disaster. You don’t have to live with tantrums, arguments, tears, depression, and anxiousness in December and January. 

Why you overeat. Also, the surefire strategy to avoid bloating, overspending and sadness by tuning into the inner guidance and your VALUES this Christmas. 

The 7 eating strategies to avoid weight gain cravings, indigestion and sleep issues and the secret trigger that ruins your body without you even knowing it (and how to fix it).

The 4 most common food – and nutrition-based triggers for compulsive behaviour, hypersensitivity, tantrums, sadness, mood swings, agitation, anger, anxiety and aggression. Also, how to adjust your food and supplements to get a calmer Christmas. You are NOT crazy and your family and child is not messed up – it’s biochemical and there’s something you can do about it. 


Yeast eating organism: Saccharomyces Boulardii HERE 

More about biotypes, missing links in diet, glutamates and excitotoxins HERE


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson